How to succeed as an architecture student

When it comes to architecture programs, most students inquire what they should do to succeed. Applicants for the program are evaluated according to their academic performance, interests, experiences, talents, and abilities. However, if you are imaginative, curious, dedicated, hardworking, self-starting, and loves architecture, there are high chances to succeed! Below is how to succeed as an architecture student;

Learn everything

Architecture draws on multiple sources of inspiration and creativity. Architects are part engineers and part artist; part psychologist and part historian and more. The more you’re interested, the more you’ll study various subjects, the better you’ll be. Ideally, architecture students must do high school maths and physics. Science and math being basic, communication classes are also very useful. Architecture students write complex ideas and they require communication skills when explaining and presenting their research projects. For students who would like to take further studies in other continents, foreign languages might be a necessity for the program by helping to prepare students internships and study overseas.


The act of sketching and hand-drawing are perhaps the primary skills a student can possess to perfectly fit in an architecture school. The mastery of drawing programs and computer-aided design are introduced and taught fully after a basic foundation of hand-drawing has been mastered. Drawing ability is something that can be learned and perfected with practice. Every student draws in an architecture studio. It is only important and helpful if a student already practiced and likes to draw, before arriving.

Make things

Pottery, woodworking and even taking sculpture classes will also help you survive in architecture because you’ll spend a lot of time building models. Summer works in building construction projects are also equally important in understanding the practical aspect of what is required to put up a building.

Seek mentors

Mentors such as your fellow architects can be very resourceful. Look for people who have adorable roles and skills that you aspire. Mentors are instrumental and will foster your development to your career advancement. Create time and seek their advice and critical questions about the field.

Embrace failure

in architecture, there are many setbacks along the way. It is natural to fail on some items on the list. The most important thing is to learn from the difficulties and to accept failure as a vital step to personal development and growth.

It is a fact that architecture is not a thing that you will clearly understand after one class/lecture. You will confuse yourself out of your thinking and you will do almost everything wrong if you do it on your own. Try and ask for help from professors and your peers. You will be more knowledgeable and generally help you from scratching your head out when you’ve not done something correctly.

See the world

Finally, packing your bags and traveling will be very positive to your career development. Exploring different cities and towns around the globe will play as a substitute for experiencing and discovering the beauty of substantial examples of architectural designs and ideas on your own. Research the internet for more articles and videos online from experienced tutors and there you have it all for your ream to come true and be the best.


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